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“E-Life – Smart Life” Exhibition at 94th Anniversary Celebration
2018-11-17 Since NPUST’s 94th anniversary celebration, the College of Agriculture, College of Engineering, and College of Management have each taken turns holding a featured anniversary exhibition to display results from research which aims to use technology to meet needs of society. This year, the baton was handed to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, which put on the “El-Life – Smart Life” Exhibition. The exhibition was held during the university’s anniversary celebration on November 17th on the first floor of the Library and Conference Hall. Exhibits displayed a variety of technologies covering ten main themes including senior community care, health care promotion, exercise technology, board game activities, UAV photography for agriculture production, interactive teaching aids for early-child education, wearable devises for pets, technology for safe exercising, robot story tellers. NPUST President Chang-Hsien Tai said that “NPUST is established on agriculture but puts a high emphasis on the cultivation of humanities. The College of Humanities is using smart technology such as AR, VR, AI, and UAV technology to improve social welfare by applying them to long-term care, activities for seniors, early-child education, social work and healthy living. By integrating the different special features of the university they are helping cultivate professional talent with comprehensive skill sets.”
EMBA Students and Alumni Hold Charity Bazaar
2018-11-17 During the university’s anniversary celebrations, alumni and current students of the EMBA program at NPUST came together to put on a charity bazaar to raise money for the Pingtung Branch of the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation and Yi-Li Elementary School in Donggang Township. For the charity bazaar, the EMBA Joint Alumni Association drew on the industry resources of its alumni and current students who are responsible for founding and/or operating such establishments as Yongda Food Technology Company, Dah Tien Seafood, Home Fragrance Pig, Little Sun LED Co. Ltd., Moment Dental Clinic, Mei-Chuang Music Art Education Center, MOMA Apparel – Pingtung Branch, and the Pingtung Concentrated Market Vendors Association. The event organizers also offered a special invitation to some of the shops popular among NPUST students, including the Longtao Tea House, Walking Patisserie, and Mahasusa, to assist with the bazaar. During the activity, a total of 58 thousand NTD was raised, the entire amount of which was donated to support people in vegetative states and disadvantaged students. NPUST’s College of Management is home to the only EMBA program in the Pingtung area and its alumni include a conglomeration of high-level representatives of private and public sector organizations in southern Taiwan. The College of Management is also the only in country to offer interdisciplinary instruction covering operations management, agriculture industry management and life management, and is an AACSB Certified school. In order to add depth to the relationships shared by alumni and their Alma Mater and encourage more industry-academic cooperation projects, in recent years the school has been actively working to encourage greater levels of exchange. The chairman of the EMBA Joint Alumni Association, Jung-Kai Wang, has organized similar activities during the university anniversary celebrations for three consecutive years, hoping to give back to society and while encouraging more interaction between alumni, faculty and current students.
NPUST Opens Alumn Service Center
2018-11-17 On November 17th, during the university’s 94th Anniversary Celebration a plague unveiling ceremony was held at the NPUST Library and Conference Hall for the newly established Alumn Service Center. During the ceremony, NPUST President Chang Hsien Tai offered some remarks, emphasizing the university’s appreciation for its alumni and value of coordinated cooperation: “our alumni are our most valuable asset, and the encouragement and support that they provide the university allows us to develop and flourish. In our 94th anniversary, we have invited many honored guests and alumni to come together and witness this plaque unveiling and we hope that in the future we will be able to continue together in the pursuit of a beautiful common vision.” The newly established Alumni Services Center will serve as a communication channel to help alumni interact with their Alma Mater. It aims to consolidate the resources of alumni and alumni associations and help promote and coordinate university development. Following the plaque unveiling on November 17th, the Center officially began operations.
Unique Sound in Native Woods: NPUST College Violin Workshop
2018-11-16 The College Violin Workshop, dubbed “NPUST Cremona”, is held each year by the Department of Wood Science and Deign. This year, the participating luthiers were called to use locally produced materials to “transform and transmit the essence of the Autumn Feast”. With their completed works in hand, on November 16, 2018, the students set the tone for an open exhibition of their instruments, playing a beautiful melody for those who were present to see and hear their excellent craftsmanship. Providing a broader context, NPUST President Chang-Hsien Tai explained that “NPUST is putting effort into the promotion of circular economies and, the College Violin Workshop is a very good example of circular economies in practice. The students can take waste wood, which originally had no value, and with high-levels of craftsmanship, they are able to transform it into something of value.” Wood Science and Design Professor Way Long expressed his hopes that “the NPUST Department of Wood Science and Design’s College Violin Workshop can become a base for violin making in Taiwan.” He explained that “through the process of making violins, students are interacting with the materials in a two-way dialog. The goal is to use different types of wood materials to make 100 violins and develop deep-rooted and continual craftsmanship that gains international repute.” Professional violin maker Sheng-Yan Huang pointed out that “problems in many of the world’s top violins are found through the processes of being used in many types of performances – these are then improved upon. Every time, incremental adjustments are made until finally [the instrument] has a unique value. At NPUST, with excellent capabilities as assistance from professional teachers, the violin making techniques at College Violin Workshop will continue to improve.” This year, locally produced wood species including Taiwan incense cedar, Taiwania, Fujian cypress, Cinnamomum camphora, Formosan Michelia and mahogany cultivated by the university were used to make hand-made violins with unique character and sound. The department emphasizes that wood resources are applied to life sciences and not for general consumables. They hope that the students will continue hone their skills and become increasingly knowledgeable in the materials they use and features of quality instruments. For now, a unique sound is being discovered in the native woods of the island forests, and with careful hands and keen eyes the students are turning their vision into reality, not only creating a musical instrument, but a story that they can share, and a tune that is their very own.
Taiwania Creating a New Sound for Taiwan
2018-11-16 With the objective of encouraging micro woodworking workshops in Taiwan to invest in creative products and furniture design using local materials, the Forestry Bureau and the NPUST Department of Wood Science and Design jointly hosted the “Create Together Creative Camp”. Hopes are that through creative craftsmanship, the features of domestic materials can be used to develop great products that can later be manufactured and commercialized. Eight woodworking workshops and individual studios took part in the creative camp and overcame time and material limitations to produce some truly remarkable works, including instruments with pleasantly unique sound qualities. An exhibition was held for the works in conjunction with the NPUST 94th Anniversary Celebration, on November 16th and 21st. During this time the works of 12 groups were on display at the NPUST Feature Exhibition Center and tour guides provided explanations to the visitors viewing the exhibits. Are you interested in knowing what Taiwania sounds like? It doesn’t have the crisp sound nor the thick feel of a hardwood, but when you listen to the percussion instrument created with skill by the Co2 Design Wood-works Workshop, you will feel like it is a feast for the ears. The instrument gives a new, sweet sound to Taiwania –letting the sound of Taiwan be heard. The rich blended colors of the wood also give a warm and quality feel to the instruments. Since it is cultivated locally, using Taiwania instead of imports also means that these wood enthusiasts have found a way to make quality wood instruments while keeping the carbon footprint small.
Tropical Forestry Conference Convenes for 9th Session
2018-11-16 On November 16th at 9:00 the opening ceremony was held for the 9th Session of the Tropical Forestry Conference. The conference which was organized through the cooperation of the Council of Agriculture Forestry Bureau and NPUST’s Department of Forestry, Graduate Institute for Bioresources, and College of Agriculture. Local and international professionals were invited to give lectures on forestry policy, environmental protection issues, urban forest development prospects, ecological conservation networks, flora conservation policy, economic forest cultivation & certification research, and Taiwan’s economic forest development. Participants had the opportunity to exchange different points of reference and find new opportunities for collaboration. NPUST Vice President Chung-Ruey Yan explained that “the conference has the longest history out of any conference held by our university.” And he expressed his gratitude to the Forestry Bureau and Department of Forestry “for the long-term research and contributions that they have made to forestry in Taiwan.” Lectures were provided by officials and scholars from the Forestry Bureau, Forestry Research Institute, Rakuno Gakuen University (Japan), and University of Stirling (England). Academic research groups also addressed the other topics of research through poster presentations. With consideration given to the deforestation that is done to meet farmland requirements for growing populations, emphasis is increasingly being placed on sustainable forests management and forest restoration work. This year’s conference hopes that through academic and industry research, it can contribute to the sustainable management of forests and create new models for green development to protect the planet and sustain the future.
Taiwan and Vietnam Early Childhood Education International Exchange Workshop
2018-11-15 This November, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences hosted the 2018 “Taiwan-Vietnam Early Childhood Education International Exchange Workshop”, bringing academic leaders in the field from both countries together to exchange ideas and promote new strategies for development. The opening ceremony for the workshop was held at 10:00 am on November 15th at the university’s General Education Building. At this year’s workshop, the Vice-Rector of Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy, Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Anh, and former rector of the National College for Education, Hanoi, Dr. Dang Loc Tho, provided lectures on the current situation of early childhood education and the cultivation of teachers in Vietnam. Teachers from the NPUST Department of Child Care were invited to share on the topics of “family friendly restaurants” and “use of robots for child education”. Industry representatives were also invited to share on current R&D in the field and promote new teaching materials. The dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Shi-jer Lou, explained that in 2017, a “Vietnamese Child Education Personnel Summer-Term Chinese Language Learning Group” was organized for professional early child educators from Vietnam. At this time, the vice-rector of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy led a group of 20 educators on a trip to Taiwan to take part in child-care teachers’ training and Chinese language studies. In addition to the classroom activities, the participants had the opportunity to visit tourist attractions and museums in the area. Everyone who took part in the program had excellent results. It also built up the foundation for exchange between Taiwan and Vietnam, and added depth to the cooperation with Vietnam on child education and teacher training. This year’s activities also proved rewarding for participants. In addition to the insights provided by academic leaders in Vietnam’s early child education, representatives from some of Taiwan’s child-education industries shared on current cutting-edge research in the field and promoted new teaching materials through demonstrations and examples. The workshop gave teachers and students access to new knowledge in the field and provided them with a deeper understanding of the changes and trends in the industry. Hopefully the workshop will lead to new opportunities in the future and help bring early child education to a new level.
NPUST Hosts International Conference on Permeable Pavement Engineering & Management
2018-11-13 With new experiences and added interest in the topic of permeable pavement technology, on November 13th (2018) National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) was exited to host the “International Conference on Permeable Pavement Engineering & Management” and bring together local and international scholars to share on the latest research in the field. For NPUST, the journey began in 2014 with Keda Road, which is one of the main arteries linking the university with Pingtung City and the No. 3 Freeway. With more than its fair share of rainfall, this 7km stretch of pavement has been riddled with problems, including pot holes, rutting, cracking, and flooding. In an effort to ameliorate the conditions of the road, the Pingtung County Government initiated project to redesign the road’s structure and rebuild it from the base-layer up. In order to see the project through, NPUST was called on to provide consultation and technical support. The initial stages of the project involved testing out five different methods of permeable pavement construction to see how they each performed under a variety of conditions. The researchers looked at rutting, reflection, absorption, traction and other features as the main factors of consideration. After the best performing design was selected, the second stage – full-scale construction – began. Professor Yu-Min Wang of the Department of Civil Engineering, who led the research team, explained that with respect to water permeability and utility, the fully-permeable design was optimal, with an average permeability of 1300mm/15 seconds. This was much greater than the design values of 900ml/15sec for the bottom layer and 600ml/15sec for the surface. Flatness, deflection, traction, water permeability, rutting, and temperature performance were all tested several times, and the best results were seen with the fully-permeable design. NPUST President, Chang-Hsien Tai, and Pingtung County Secretary General, Chiu Huang Chao-chung, were present during the opening ceremony of the conference and made remarks on the Keda Road project and the contributions the researchers are making to road safety. The cooperative partnership is a win-win for the parties involved and has attracted attention from scholars overseas, including ones from Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan and Swaziland. During the conference special presentations were provided by Dr. Jacek Kawalec of Poland and Dr. Ludfi Djakfar Indonesian on results from their related research. The conference activities took place over a two-day period, with day one dedicated to academic exchange and day two centered on on-site observations and demonstrations. The international conference provided an opportunity to share the results of this academic-industry-government cooperation project with those interested in the subject matter and also bring attention to research that can improve road safety and help conserve water resources.
NPUST Makes Boarding Call: “Explore the World, Explore Yourself”
2018-11-12 National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) has pulled out all the stops in its internationalization efforts over the years and has seen continuous growth in its overseas enrollment as a result. This year, 750 students coming form 46 countries around the world are on the roster at the university and excited to be part of the international NPUST family. On November 12th, NPUST hosted an international fair at the university library to get more students thinking about embarking on overseas learning adventures. The activities were organized to provide local students with information on a variety of channels the university has developed over the years to help students go abroad, explore the big world out there, and learn new things. The fair was decorated to give the participants the sense that they were walking through an airport to catch a plane. Students had to make their way to the “NPUST Airlines” counter to check-in, collect their boarding passes and proceed to passport control to receive a stamp. Once the passengers arrived at the gate, the captain, played by Professor Shang-min Ma, made a special announcement to encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity to go abroad for learning. “Captain” Ma, explained that “the international education fair was organized by the NPUST Office of Academic Affairs, Office of International Affairs, and Center for Interdisciplinary Development to introduce students to a variety of channels for overseas learning opportunities so they can improve their competitiveness, broaden their international outlook, and equip themselves for future employment.” The university also invited the Fulbright Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, British Council, and Richmond International Travel to set up information counters at the fair to provide students with additional information which could help them to plan out their studies abroad. Food and culture booths were also set up by NPUST students from Malaysia, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Eswatini, Mongolia and Japan. So without even boarding a plane, the participants had a chance to meet new friends from around the world and experience foods from ten different countries. It was a great opportunity for them to broaden their worldviews and learn new things about the international students currently enrolled at the university – and also a great opportunity for them to start thinking about where their academic careers might take them in the future. Currently, NPUST has sister-school relationships with 252 schools in 43 counties and 5 continents. Under principles of reciprocity, students have the opportunity to take part in short-term exchanges at these schools and apply the credits they earn while away to their degrees at home.
Club Med Overseas Internships Have Brilliant Results
2018-11-05 In 2013, the NPUST Department of Recreational Sport & Health Promotion entered into a cooperative relationship with the world renowned resort organization, Club Med, to training students in resort management and open up opportunities for overseas internships. The relationship is the first of its kind in Taiwan, and over the past five years, many students have already travelled to Club Med Resorts around the world to take part in internship training. Through a comprehensive training program, students learn about workplace expectations and demands early on. They are also encouraged to acquire relevant certifications and apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom to the real world during internships with Club Med and in their careers. For the students who successfully land overseas internships, they will also have a very eye-catching item to add to their resumes. On November 2nd, 2018 at university stadium, the NPUST vice-president for administrative affairs, Dr. Chao-lin Tuan, and the Club Med vice-president for the greater China area, Ms. Yvonne Zhu, jointly hosted an opening ceremony for this year’s session of the “Human Resources Training Program”. Dr. Tuan made some remarks stating that “our university’s diverse approach to education teaches students technical knowledge in such fields as agriculture, forestry, fishing, and animal sciences, but it also integrates the domains of health and leisure. For instance, currently, the university is promoting Green tourism and healthy vacations – which are current trends of development. And so, we encourage students at the university to take part in interdisciplinary studies. Integrating Club Med’s expertise in business administration with the knowledge students learn at the university will open them up to more opportunities in the future.” Ms. Zhu stated that “Club Med offers more than work experience. It is also providing a path for personal growth. Seventy students from NPUST are already working for Club Med and we hope that through this program, we will be able to cultivate even more talent”. Recreational Sport & Health Promotion Assoc. Prof. Ming-Hung Chen is responsible for the program’s planning. He explained, “originating from France, Club Med is the leading brand in premium, all-inclusive holidays. With its 80 top-end resorts, it is currently the largest resort group in the world. The main people working to organize all of the activities at the Club Med resorts are called Gentle Organizers (G.Os). To become a G.O, in addition to having a good attitude and special qualities, you need to have foreign language skills. This November, recruitment of second- and third-year students at the university began and evaluations focused on foreign language ability, professional certificates and aptitude. In the preliminary selection, 20 to 30 students are chosen to undergo training. The training period lasts for 3 months, with classes on the historic development of Club Med, work content and culture, occupational demand and certifications. After the training is completed, the students will be given priority to take part in overseas Club Med internships for half a year. “The results from last year’s training class were brilliant. 25 students were recruited, from the departments of Recreational Sport & Health Promotion, Applied Linguistics, Tropical Agriculture, Child Care, and International Finance. Following a rigorous selection processes and matchmaking, 12 of the students were selected to go to Club Med resorts in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Mauritius, and France for internships. The job performances of the students were all regarded highly by the management at the resorts, demonstrating the quality of the talent selection processes and training. Students who take part in the program are given an opportunity to understand overseas work content early on so that they can prepare themselves to cooperate with businesses in the future.” This year, the target is to select 15 students to go to Club Med resorts for internships. This cooperative relationship between NPUST and Club Med opens up new resources for both parties and will also hopefully attract more talent and create more opportunity to cultivate people with international frames of reference. It also allows students to prepare themselves in advance to enter the job market and move closer to the goal of finding employment immediately upon graduation.