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NPUST Enjoys Great Kick-Off to Sports Day Celebration in 94th Year

NPUST Enjoys Great Kick-Off to Sports Day Celebration in 94th Year

This academic year marks the 94th year since the founding of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. For many years now, the university has been carrying on a tradition of holding an annual Sports Day Celebration, each spring, to celebrate the university’s health and vitality –and to help foster team spirit and a rich sense of togetherness among the members of the school.

As per tradition, the event kicked off in the evening on the last Friday of March with a colorful and boisterous opening ceremony, during which all the different groups within the university made its own creative contribution.

The mood for the evening was set by the “Creative Entrance Competition”, a custom which invites each of the departments, faculties and administrative offices to demonstrate their team spirit, imagination and originality by choreographing their own unique routine to perform as they make a grand entrance into the stadium.

Adding to the entertainment, the ceremony also included a song and dance competition – this year, with five administrative offices and 15 education groups putting their talents on display and striving for the top prize. 

NPUST President Chang Hsien Tai commented on the annual affair, explaining that “the university uses the Sports Day as school-wide day of celebration. Students demonstrate health and activity, team spirit and cooperation; and also, rich creativity – it’s all part of NPUST’s enthusiastic character. We hope that the students can truly enjoy the positive physical and mental benefits of sports activities, and that they will have bright and healthy futures!” 

The Creative Entrance competition is a tradition that has been held for a number of years already. Every year, teams of administrators, educators and students find new ways to express their unique flavors by coming up with creative costume designs and dance moves which will win cheers and smiles from their peers – and points from the judges! – as they march into the stadium  

The competition is strong and the stakes are high, with a top prize being a 5000 NTD and a medal to boot. To ensure impartiality, six neutral judges are specially invited in from outside to judge the competition, following an objective criterion to select the winners of 15 different award categories. With hopes of taking home the top prize, each of the groups worked hard, investing skill and imagination into the creation of presentations that would demonstrate their special features while, hopefully, capturing the overall spirit of the celebration.

The main event of the evening, however, took things up a notch further. This event, was the Cheerleader Competition, with three teams representing four departments contending for the title. The teams hailed from the Department of Recreational Sport & Health Promotion, Department of Agribusiness Management, and a joint team formed by students from the Department of Information Science and Department of Hotel & Restaurant Management. All three teams trained hard for a full semester to get ready for the intense competition, but in the end the Agribusiness Management team came out on top; with the joint team taking runner-up. The competition was riveting and got everyone’s adrenaline pumping, all while inspiring a sense of youthful enthusiasm and unity.

With great cheer, lots of excitement, and a real sense of togetherness, the ceremony was a great kick-off to the Sports Day celebrations and a great time to appreciate another year of fruitful progress at NPUST.

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