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Food Safety Verification APP Puts Food Health in Your Hand

Food Safety Verification APP Puts Food Health in Your Hand

The NPUST Institute of Food Safety Management has opened a new window into the world of food safety with a “Food Safety Verification APP” that allows users to see where their food has come from and the check-stops that it has passed along the way.

The APP allows the public to use their smart phones to receive information and check food safety reports for food products on the market by linking up with records supplied by small-scale domestic farmers and the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

Currently the APP developers are cooperating with Howard Plaza Boutique Homia Mart for quality control monitoring; and in the future, NPUST’s Institute of Food Safety Management (IFSM) will also be conducting its own routine food sample testing to increase confidence.

Professor Ming Chang Wu, Director of the IFSM, explained that “currently, if members of the public want to check inspection reports or look up information on food products, for the most part, they must use computers to log into various manufacturer web pages and make the queries. The APP that we have developed brings together information for all products on the market that have passed their inspections. Its free for people to download and allows people to use their phones to quickly access the information—they can even see complete product traceability reports. It saves time and removes doubt about food safety issues. In order to guard the food safety of domestic products, in the future, random screenings of participating suppliers will also be conducted.”

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