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VTMC and National Veterinary Hospital Create “Taichung Animal Blood Donation Station”

VTMC and National Veterinary Hospital Create “Taichung Animal Blood Donation Station”

The NPUST Veterinary Transfusion Medicine Center (VTMC) and the National Veterinary Hospital (NVH) chain have joined forces in establishing the “Taichung Animal Blood Donation Station” in central Taiwan to help make things more convenient for pet owners in the area. On January 23rd at 10 AM a plaque unveiling ceremony was held at the National Veterinary Hospital in Taichung. In addition to NVH CEO Chen Tao Chieh and VTMC Director Tsai Yi Lun a number of other academic and industry representatives were present for the occasion. Following its opening, the Taichung Animal Blood Donation Station has plans to hold a “NPUST National Pet Blood Donation Day” in the third week of every month from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. During this time, veterinarians from the university will be at the station to collect blood donations which will be brought back to the university’s Transfusion Center for treatment, storage, preparation and delivery.

The NPUST Veterinary Transfusion Medicine Center was established on June 13, 2016 with a mission to “save lives and bring happiness”. Since then, it has already received 260 donations from 70 individual dogs and thereby has been able to help save the lives of 300 furry little loved ones. Despite this, the director of the Center expressed that there are still challenges. She explained that, even though there are many pet owners who approve of the Center’s mission and who have even expressed willingness to bring their pets in to make donations, yet, often times, distance and transportation difficulties makes it impracticable. Consequently, the Center often faces blood shortages. However, Director Tsai added that “if the Center is able to cooperate with local veterinary clinics, in addition to increasing blood resource quantities, we will be able to share our knowledge and technology with those clinics and their patrons, thereby creating a situation where everyone is better off.”   

National Veterinary Hospital CEO Tao-Chieh Chen has always had an interested in in animal blood donation activities. Adding to this the fact that in the past he was named one of NPUST’s “Outstanding Alumni”, when the opportunity arose for the VTMC to come to Taichung, he was strongly in support of it. Now, at a time that coincides with the NVH’s 30th anniversary, both parties are able to cooperated on the promotion of veterinary transfusion medicine and spread the idea of blood donation so that animal medical treatment can move to the next level.

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