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Distinguished Contribution to Industry-Academia Cooperation

Distinguished Contribution to Industry-Academia Cooperation

Dr. Pao-Chuan Hsieh, NPUST professor and former vice-president, is known to some as the “father of NPUST Soy Sauce” –a reference to one of the many products created by the university’s king of R&D. The main theme surrounding Professor Hsieh’s research is “health”, and he has developed many well-known and well-received products including health-food products, seasonings, functional beverages, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Also, in order to help local farmers create new avenues for produce sales, more recently he has been actively involved in R&D to add new value to some of Pingtung’s important crops, including fruits and onions. On account of all the contributions that Professor Hsieh has made through his work, he recently became the first winner of the Ministry of Education “National Award for Distinguished Contribution to Industry-Academia Cooperation” (國家產學大師獎).

Professor Hsieh was honored to receive the distinction and showed gratitude towards his university, stating:

I want to thank my Alma Mater, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, for cultivating my skills back when it was still operating as ‘Pingtung Agricultural College’. It was at that time that my basic education was taking root. From 1981, when I worked as a teaching assistant at my Alma Mater, up until now, teaching and learning have been about application. I used agricultural goods as the basic materials for developing products and integrated my experiences into my teaching materials to develop students’ practical abilities. Pingtung is an agricultural county, and NPUST’s focus of development is tropical agriculture. The mission and essence behind my research is to use agricultural goods as basic materials – natural and healthy and used in a way that there is no waste –so that value can be added and products with local characteristics can be created.

The soy sauce developed by Professor Hsieh is the first low salt soy sauce in the country to be produced without any chemical additives. It has been very popular among consumers, and following a successful 10 million NTD technology transfer, is now selling at over a million bottles a year. With the money, a biotechnology company was established and employment opportunities are being created for students (currently 2/3 of the employees at the company are graduates of NPUST).

Dedicated to healthy and natural food products, Professor Hsieh has uses his expertise in microbial fermentation to create over 60 products including a papaya enzyme cleanser, S-8 collagen serum, S-8 Natto active ingredients moisturizing mask, low salt soy sauce, miso, ‘civet’ coffee, guava mulberries, vegetable yogurt, fruit pearls and many more. Ten of the products he developed have already gone on to technology transfer.

NPUST President Chang-Hsien Tai said that “Professor Hsieh brings pride to NPUST. He served the university for 38 years and helped develop the talent of countless students, emphasizing the practical side of vocational education and raising the level of students’ skills. He has also developed many products using agricultural goods and created value through industry-academic cooperation to help farmers address sales problems and increase profits – and now he has become the first winner of the ‘National Award for Distinguished Contribution to Industry-Academia Cooperation’”.


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