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Prof. Wong and Ocean Bloom Represent at Fisheries Exhibition

Prof. Wong and Ocean Bloom Represent at Fisheries Exhibition

In an industry-academic cooperation arrangement, Professor Saou-Lien Wong of the Department of Aquaculture and representatives of the Ocean Bloom Biotechnology Co., Ltd. put together a team to take part in the 2018 Taiwan Fisheries Exhibition, held from November 21 to 23 at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall. Organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and MY Exhibition Co., Ltd., the exhibition hall saw 6,800 make the rounds over the three days it was running.

At the exhibition, Professor Wong and Ocean Bloom displayed raw algae materials, various types of live fry, and the latest fishnet materials to potential clients. Top buyers by country were China, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong, in respective order. There were also buyers present from India, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, UAE, Russia, USA, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania and Brazil all looking to find quality suppliers to build relationships with. 

During the event, the algae extraction technology clean algae materials from Indonesia that Professor Wong had on display inspired new attitudes towards diverse development opportunities of algae among local and foreign companies visiting the booth. One of their goals is to apply algae to cosmetic and health products. 

Ocean Bloom was the only exhibitor to have live fish on display at the show. In addition to their Giant grouper fry, they also had the delicate Leopard coral grouper and the eye-catching “panther grouper”. The displays of live fish attracted much attention from people in the aquaculture industry. Breeders coming from many different countries wanted to discuss professional breading experiences and techniques with Ocean Bloom. NPUST Alumn, Mr. Hsue-Hsien Huang, who supplied the Indonesian fry, explained to that in addition to selling hatchlings, they can bring the fish cultivation techniques to other countries and provide much more precision instruction on how to raise fish in different environments.

Ocean Bloom also displayed this year’s latest product – “the golden net”. As its name implies, the net has the appearance of gold, with PE or PP fishnet laced with nano copper that shimmers like gold. The slowly released copper ions are effective against algae and bacteria and the special design allows the copper particles to maintain a level of 0.1-0.2ppm, so the impact to the ocean environment is extremely low. This new material, whether it be for fish cultivators or manufacturers, has been given a very high rating.

Professor Wong expressed that the exhibition was an opportunity to gain new knowledge and innovative thinking. Fisheries technology is passed down from generation to generation and changes day by day – in such a vast ocean the only way to create a better future is by continuously absorbing new knowledge.

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