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2018 Forum on Campus Sports and Innovative Physical Education

2018 Forum on Campus Sports and Innovative Physical Education

As the results of many studies are making it clear that the problems of obesity and cardiovascular disease are increasingly present among younger populations, schools around the world are putting new emphasis on physical fitness and athletic performance among students. In Taiwan, the Ministry of Education is working to facilitate scholarly dialog on the topic and is working with NPUST to encourage change.

On November 29th and 30th (2018), under the direction of the MOU, the NPUST Office of Physical Education and Department of Recreational Sport and Health Promotion jointly hosted the “2018 Forum on Campus Sports and Innovative Physical Education”. Physical education professionals from Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic, Vietnam’s Bac Ninh University of Physical Education and Sports, China’s Shenyang Normal University, and Linyi University were invited to take part in the two-day conference and share their knowledge on the discussion at hand.

NPUST President Chang-Hsien Tai made some remarks during the opening ceremony, stating that “because of the technological advancements which have led to changes in the way people train, physical capabilities are continually challenging and breaking past former limitations. With smart censor instrumentation, data can be collected and used to calculate the optimum workout intensity for each individual athlete.” On the reverse end, however, adoption of other technologies is luring young people away from participation in real-world physical activities. With respect to this trend, President Tai added that “we also hope that through innovative teaching methods, more students will be willing to put down their electronics, turn their attention away from the internet and start getting involved in more physical activity to improve the states of their health and fitness.”

In response to the many reports that obesity and heart disease among young people are increasing, schools are working to improve physical fitness among students by incorporating new elements into physical education, such as directed leaning, cooperative leaning and flipped classroom leaning. The conference was organized to bring together academics with different backgrounds and experiences to exchange with one another and discuss these important topics with the hope that schools can improve the effectiveness of physical education programs and contribute to health improvements among students.

Over the two-day conference, special presentations were provided by experts from Singapore, Vietnam and China with focus given to innovative methods in physical education. For the finale, an open forum was held to allow the conference attendees and the key presenters to engage in discussions, raise questions and share valuable information with one another in hopes of further facilitating the development of new ideas that can contribute to more successful on-campus sports activities and innovative approaches to learning.


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