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NPUST Celebrates its 94th Anniversary

NPUST Celebrates its 94th Anniversary

In its 94th year, NPUST has a lot to celebrate – and on November 17th, that is exactly what it did!

All day long, there was a mixture of activities and entertainment going on. One of the main events of the day was the “Anniversary and Awards Ceremony” that was held at the university Library and Conference Hall. NPUST President Chang-Hsien Tai hosted the event which was graced by a large number of honored guests, including former NPUST president Meng-Hsiang Kuo, Jinwen University of Science and Technology Chairman Shan-Da Liu, Alumni Association of NPUST Chairman Kuo-sen Chen, The Republic of Palau Ambassador to Taiwan, Republic of Kiribati Ambassador to Taiwan Ms. Tessie Eria Lambourne, American Institute in Taiwan Kaohsiung branch chief Mr. Matthew E. O'connor, Counselor of the Kingdom of Eswatini Ms. Lindiwe Kunene, Rector of Thailand’s Songkhla Rajabhat University Dr. Niwat Klinngam, the rector of Vietnam’s Thai Nguyen University Dr. Tran Van Dien and many other distinguished guests from business, academic and government sectors.

President Chang-Hsien Tai made some remarks during the ceremony, stating that “since its founding 94 years ago, NPUST has seen outstanding results in a diverse set of fields. In academics, our university’s animal vaccination institution has been affirmed by both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology and has become a national level research center. Industry-academic cooperation projects involving professors from our university exceeded 900 million NTD as of October and should break 1 billion before the end of the year. This is all attributed to the outstanding efforts and research results of the faculty. Our programs are increasingly meeting the demands of modern education and we are continuously strengthening our cooperative industry-academic relationships and establishing more intimate international exchanges. It is our hope that by 2024 –thanks to the hard work of the faculty, the interaction we have with alumni and business sectors, and the exchanges we enjoy with our sister-universities and allies—we will be among the top 100 agricultural universities in Asia.”

A great variety of fun and interesting activities went on throughout the day and there was much to see at the research result exhibitions that were set up inside the library and in the surrounding area, including the “E-Life Smart Life Exhibition”, “Higher Education Sprout Project Results”, “Practical Student Projects and Business Incubation Results” and more.

During the Awards Ceremony special awards were given to 10 “Outstanding Youth Alumni” and 17 “Outstanding Alumni”. One distinguished alumnus, Ke-Min Fang, was also presented with an award for “Contributions to University Development”. Fang has made considerable contributions, including assisting the Institute of Food Safety and Health with the creation of a food safety app to help protect the health of consumers, providing assistance with the creation of innovative teaching sites and donating 100 thousand USD to the university’s Institute of Food Safety Management. 

On November 17th, staff and students at the university set up to create a fun fair. The Department of Plant Industry Teaching and Research Results Exhibition was also set up on Siwei Road.

A fun fair was set up on Siwei Road, with 263 booths set up for visitors enjoy, with local cuisine and cultural creations, aboriginal barbeque, Hakka specialties, and a cornucopia of foreign food and cultural creations coming from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, and Mongolia. Students and faculty from the Department of Plant Industry also had Red peony, vanilla plants, Chinese herbal medicine, fruits and vegetable seeds, and flowers on display and for sale.

Campus tours were organized to take people on tours of some of NPUST’s on-campus attractions, such as the Working Dog Training Center, Exhibition Hall of Agricultural Implements, Wildlife Rescue Center and the Feature Exhibition Center. Additionally, a “ox-cart ride” at the Exhibition Hall of Agricultural Implements gave people a chance to learn about the application of various pieces of farm equipment.

The Harvest Concert on the Lawn began at 2:30 pm on the field across from the Administration Building with people gathered to enjoy live music in a natural outdoor setting. The field also had a variety of interesting art installments set up and as evening set on, the LED lights strung along the adjacent corridor of created a pleasant atmosphere for the everyone to enjoy.


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