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NPUST Hosts International Conference on Permeable Pavement Engineering & Management

NPUST Hosts International Conference on Permeable Pavement Engineering & Management

With new experiences and added interest in the topic of permeable pavement technology, on November 13th (2018) National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) was exited to host the “International Conference on Permeable Pavement Engineering & Management” and bring together local and international scholars to share on the latest research in the field.

For NPUST, the journey began in 2014 with Keda Road, which is one of the main arteries linking the university with Pingtung City and the No. 3 Freeway. With more than its fair share of rainfall, this 7km stretch of pavement has been riddled with problems, including pot holes, rutting, cracking, and flooding. In an effort to ameliorate the conditions of the road, the Pingtung County Government initiated project to redesign the road’s structure and rebuild it from the base-layer up. In order to see the project through, NPUST was called on to provide consultation and technical support.

The initial stages of the project involved testing out five different methods of permeable pavement construction to see how they each performed under a variety of conditions. The researchers looked at rutting, reflection, absorption, traction and other features as the main factors of consideration. After the best performing design was selected, the second stage – full-scale construction – began.

Professor Yu-Min Wang of the Department of Civil Engineering, who led the research team, explained that with respect to water permeability and utility, the fully-permeable design was optimal, with an average permeability of 1300mm/15 seconds. This was much greater than the design values of 900ml/15sec for the bottom layer and 600ml/15sec for the surface. Flatness, deflection, traction, water permeability, rutting, and temperature performance were all tested several times, and the best results were seen with the fully-permeable design.

NPUST President, Chang-Hsien Tai, and Pingtung County Secretary General, Chiu Huang Chao-chung, were present during the opening ceremony of the conference and made remarks on the Keda Road project and the contributions the researchers are making to road safety. The cooperative partnership is a win-win for the parties involved and has attracted attention from scholars overseas, including ones from Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan and Swaziland. During the conference special presentations were provided by Dr. Jacek Kawalec of Poland and Dr. Ludfi Djakfar Indonesian on results from their related research.

The conference activities took place over a two-day period, with day one dedicated to academic exchange and day two centered on on-site observations and demonstrations. The international conference provided an opportunity to share the results of this academic-industry-government cooperation project with those interested in the subject matter and also bring attention to research that can improve road safety and help conserve water resources.


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