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Taiwania Creating a New Sound for Taiwan

Taiwania Creating a New Sound for Taiwan

With the objective of encouraging micro woodworking workshops in Taiwan to invest in creative products and furniture design using local materials, the Forestry Bureau and the NPUST Department of Wood Science and Design jointly hosted the “Create Together Creative Camp”. Hopes are that through creative craftsmanship, the features of domestic materials can be used to develop great products that can later be manufactured and commercialized.

Eight woodworking workshops and individual studios took part in the creative camp and overcame time and material limitations to produce some truly remarkable works, including instruments with pleasantly unique sound qualities. An exhibition was held for the works in conjunction with the NPUST 94th Anniversary Celebration, on November 16th and 21st. During this time the works of 12 groups were on display at the NPUST Feature Exhibition Center and tour guides provided explanations to the visitors viewing the exhibits.

Are you interested in knowing what Taiwania sounds like? It doesn’t have the crisp sound nor the thick feel of a hardwood, but when you listen to the percussion instrument created with skill by the Co2 Design Wood-works Workshop, you will feel like it is a feast for the ears. The instrument gives a new, sweet sound to Taiwania –letting the sound of Taiwan be heard. The rich blended colors of the wood also give a warm and quality feel to the instruments. Since it is cultivated locally, using Taiwania instead of imports also means that these wood enthusiasts have found a way to make quality wood instruments while keeping the carbon footprint small. 

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