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Tropical Forestry Conference Convenes for 9th Session

Tropical Forestry Conference Convenes for 9th Session

On November 16th at 9:00 the opening ceremony was held for the 9th Session of the Tropical Forestry Conference. The conference which was organized through the cooperation of the Council of Agriculture Forestry Bureau and NPUST’s Department of Forestry, Graduate Institute for Bioresources, and College of Agriculture.

Local and international professionals were invited to give lectures on forestry policy, environmental protection issues, urban forest development prospects, ecological conservation networks, flora conservation policy, economic forest cultivation & certification research, and Taiwan’s economic forest development. Participants had the opportunity to exchange different points of reference and find new opportunities for collaboration.

NPUST Vice President Chung-Ruey Yan explained that “the conference has the longest history out of any conference held by our university.” And he expressed his gratitude to the Forestry Bureau and Department of Forestry “for the long-term research and contributions that they have made to forestry in Taiwan.”

Lectures were provided by officials and scholars from the Forestry Bureau, Forestry Research Institute, Rakuno Gakuen University (Japan), and University of Stirling (England). Academic research groups also addressed the other topics of research through poster presentations.

With consideration given to the deforestation that is done to meet farmland requirements for growing populations, emphasis is increasingly being placed on sustainable forests management and forest restoration work. This year’s conference hopes that through academic and industry research, it can contribute to the sustainable management of forests and create new models for green development to protect the planet and sustain the future.

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