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NPUST Makes Boarding Call: “Explore the World, Explore Yourself”

NPUST Makes Boarding Call: “Explore the World, Explore Yourself”

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) has pulled out all the stops in its internationalization efforts over the years and has seen continuous growth in its overseas enrollment as a result. This year, 750 students coming form 46 countries around the world are on the roster at the university and excited to be part of the international NPUST family.

On November 12th, NPUST hosted an international fair at the university library to get more students thinking about embarking on overseas learning adventures. The activities were organized to provide local students with information on a variety of channels the university has developed over the years to help students go abroad, explore the big world out there, and learn new things.

The fair was decorated to give the participants the sense that they were walking through an airport to catch a plane. Students had to make their way to the “NPUST Airlines” counter to check-in, collect their boarding passes and proceed to passport control to receive a stamp. Once the passengers arrived at the gate, the captain, played by Professor Shang-min Ma, made a special announcement to encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity to go abroad for learning. 

“Captain” Ma, explained that “the international education fair was organized by the NPUST Office of Academic Affairs, Office of International Affairs, and Center for Interdisciplinary Development to introduce students to a variety of channels for overseas learning opportunities so they can improve their competitiveness, broaden their international outlook, and equip themselves for future employment.”

The university also invited the Fulbright Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, British Council, and Richmond International Travel to set up information counters at the fair to provide students with additional information which could help them to plan out their studies abroad.

Food and culture booths were also set up by NPUST students from Malaysia, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Eswatini, Mongolia and Japan. So without even boarding a plane, the participants had a chance to meet new friends from around the world and experience foods from ten different countries. It was a great opportunity for them to broaden their worldviews and learn new things about the international students currently enrolled at the university – and also a great opportunity for them to start thinking about where their academic careers might take them in the future.

Currently, NPUST has sister-school relationships with 252 schools in 43 counties and 5 continents. Under principles of reciprocity, students have the opportunity to take part in short-term exchanges at these schools and apply the credits they earn while away to their degrees at home. 

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