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A Memorable Moment for the Class of 2017

A Memorable Moment for the Class of 2017

      On June 17th NPUST held the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2017 at the Shu Yun Hall. This year, there were a total of 2,728 students receiving diplomas, including 12 doctorates, 595 master’s and 2,121 bachelor’s. Honored guests in attendance included the Pingtung County governor, Pan Meng-An; NPUST Alumni Association Chair, Chen Chin-Ming; Rector Sanor Klinngam of Phetchaburi Rajabhat University; H.E. Ambassador Diane C.Haylock and H.E. Hubert Emmanuel of the Belize Embassy; H.E. Ambassador Limasene Teatu of the Tuvalu Embassy;  presidents and representatives of the Royal University of Science and Technology, Kasetsart University, Chiang Mai University, Songkhla Rajabhat University and Meizhou University, Thailand; Hasanuddin University, and Bandung University of Technology, Indonesia; and Hue University, Vietnam. Also present were the Air Force Officer Major General Peng Ming-yang; the principal of the Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry, as well as other presidents, vice-presidents, principals and other high level representatives of nearby universities and schools.

      This year, an honorary doctorate degree was presented to outstanding alumnus and chairman of Hong-pu Real-Estate Development Co. Ltd., Mr. Jing-Hwa Tuan. Mr. Tuan, who is an alumnus of the Department of Forestry, has not only seen much success as an entrepreneur, but has also made many contributions to society, turning undeveloped properties into parks for public to enjoy, providing rural community schools with book purchasing funds, supporting disadvantaged students, and offering funds to animal care organizations for stray animal care. His enthusiastic dedication and concern for others, he serves as an excellent role model for students to look up to and emulate.

      NUST President Chang-Hsien Tai, reminding everyone that the commencement ceremony is not just a formality for graduating students, emphasized that should be a time of celebration. So breaking from the tradition of inviting various “sages” to offer formal speeches, the university invited in Lu Jie, the history teacher who is beloved by young students for his humor and interesting style. Using language and sharp points of view that the young people can identify with, Lu Jie gave some some staunch advice without pulling his punches – exhorting everyone to “remember your original goals, stay positive, and give it your best!” With exaggerated body language and lots of humor Lu jie set a joyous mood for the event, leaving teachers, parents and graduating students glued to their seats, and making the commencement ceremony one that will be hard to forget.

       President Chang-Hsien Tai presented diplomas to the graduates and performed the tassel ceremony. This was followed by awards presentations for excellence in GPA, excellence in conduct, exceptional research results and excellence athletic performances. The Sky Bear mascot, voted on by the teachers and students, also made its debut at the ceremony, with cute looks make that eagerly attracted lots of attention and picture taking.

       Bringing the ceremony to a close, the students the graduation band (五分糖) performed a song they composed entitled “Now We Say Goodbye”, singing about memories from school and the reluctance to leave. At last, the chairman of the Graduation Association led the students on the hat tossing ceremony to bring the commencement to a final close and officially marking the beginning of the next journey.

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