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NPUST, Taiwan’s “Green University” Champion - 2016

NPUST, Taiwan’s Green University Champion - 2016

     In 2016 NPUST’s performance in the World Green University Ranking once again was outstanding, and the university was ranked the top university in Taiwan. On a wider scope, NPUST was the 5th highest ranked university in Asia and placed 37th world-wide.

     In recent years NPUST has been heavily invested in the implementation of “green” policies and has furthered a variety of education and research activities which line up with the “environmental protection and sustainable development” of the Green University mission. As a result, not only has NPUST seen repeated success in the rankings, but has also earned itself the reputation of “National Park University”. Since 2014, the number of universities participating in the rankings world-wide has grown from 300 up to more than 500. Yet despite the growing competition, NPUST has been able maintain an excellent status, and this year was awarded a full 1800 points in the area of “education”.
     President Tai expressed the fact that in response to “Global Warming”, the university has been actively invested in a variety of research related to Green industries, with a Green Energy Research and Development Center, Solar Energy Applications Research Center, Solar Mushroom Plantation, and Green Energy Biological Plantation. The university also conducts research on biomass energy, wind power, hydrogen energy applications, green energy electric vehicles and more. In the area of green energy technology, results have been significant, and the university has accumulated a number of different applied research capabilities over the years. This year, items that were taken into consideration for the ranking include basic infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste disposal, water resources, transportation, and education.
     Director of General Affairs, Chin Lung Chang, pointed out that this year NPUST was greatly honored to receive full points on the item of “education” – a success that is attributable to the fact that each of the colleges and faculties incorporate courses that emphasize ecological and environmental education, focusing on renewable energy, ecological disaster prevention technology and sustainable business operations. In recent years number of classes related to these subjects has grown from 1988 up to 2727; thus adding even more depth to the cultivation of Green-minded talent at the university. Earlier on, in 2014, NPUST had already begun reusing all of the waste water from the dorm restaurants through a system it developed to water vegetation on campus and run the fountain. The hot water used in all the university dorms is heated using heat pumps and the dorms and classrooms are all equipped with energy saving A/C units. With respect to transportation, campus bicycles and shuttles help to reduce carbon and there are a number of electric vehicle recharging stations around the school. All of these have helped NPUST see excellent results on this year’s ranking.
     In 2009 Universitas Indonesia launched the Green University Ranking and began promoting sustainability and environmental protection among higher education institutions, thus helping to move diverse areas of study towards a world-wide environmental protection standard. This ranking system has had an impact on universities throughout the world, with a total of 74 countries and 516 universities participating in the most recent competition. NPUST is also a Green University member and the executive supervisor of the Green University Alliance in Taiwan. The university will continue to develop green education and environmental education and raise people’s awareness of the environment, thereby incorporating sustainable development and eco-friendly activities in a holistic form of education which will add even more depth to the meaning of being “green”.

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